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Working with Diverse




When we can shift and see the WHY behind what people are doing,

                                                it empowers us to understand them better

                                                                   AND THEN.........

                                choose how we respond instead of reacting 

​This interactive workshop is both empowering and fun, using various methods to unlock new ways of thinking.

We identify the main personality types & discover how to optimise communication with customers and colleagues  by understanding  ourselves and others better. The content can be delivered in a short/punchy 1 hour session or if you wish to dig  deeper with the content as a team building session, it would be 2 hours.

​An A4 coloured workbook is available for each participant on request (please ask for pricing details).


Key learning outcomes:


  • quickly identify the main personality types

  • ​increase understanding, tolerance and acceptance of ourselves & others

  • the strengths, challenges and triggers for each personality type

  • strategies for responding to different people to create excellent outcomes

  • work more effectively in a team and/or leading one

  • achieve better engagement and co-operation from colleagues and customers

If you have booked a workshop, click here to complete the 10 minute on-line questionnaire, When you have finished, write down your four scores and bring these to the workshop.

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