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One on One Coaching
for People Leaders
a catalyst to  S-T-R-E-T-C-H  ​your leadership skills
a coach doesn't actually play the game - they
  • motivate & guide
  • encourage from the sideline
  • influence change
  • introduce new techniques
  • learn from mistakes
  • mentor & teach
  • give constructive feedback
  • foster self-discovery
  • celebrate success
  • study the opposition
  • collaborate with other experts
  • continually develop skills

Coaches guide, support and influence the development of others to realise each 'player's' potential & maximise performance. They analyse each game, grow skills and implement strategies to play even better next time.


These monthly one on one sessions with Wendy are about an hour long. (three sessions in three months is the recommended minimum) and content is tailored to each individual and your workplace priorities.


People Leaders are encouraged and challenged to identify and celebrate their strengths and also to discover new ways to stretch and develop using SMARTR goals that are regularly monitored.


To create sustainable change each session builds on the previous.


I recommend that reporting officers/managers are also involved in the setting and monitoring of these goals as this will nurture engagement and performance direction in line with the goals of the organisation. 

​An A4 colour workbook is provided detailing 28 leadership skills, self assessment and the SMARTR plan with checkpoints.

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