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Assess 4 Success  
I have real life experience as a successful leader and a qualified trainer ............ I have lived this stuff



I am Wendy Hooper and I have over 10 years practical experience in leading teams (of up to 80).  I'm also fully competent in training, individual performance coaching and NZQA unit standard assessment.

Having real life experience as a People Leader and Manager myself, I understand and relate to the challenges and rewards of these roles.

For the past seven years I have been coaching People Leaders and delivering learning workshops for customer service and people leadership.  I  customise delivery and content to the needs and culture of your work environment.

My services are interactive and use a blend of learning methods including hands-on practice using realistic workplace scenarios. My workshops are safe, relaxed, fun and challenging because I believe those four elements are integral for people to learn and unlock new ways of thinking. I'm really committed to new learning being applied immediately so all workshops have  SMARTR action plans to ensure follow through back in the workplace - the very next day.



I am incredibly passionate about leadership that is collaborative and engaging - my reward is watching people develop and realise their potential.










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