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Team Building for Success





                Coming together is a beginning

                                       Keeping together is  progress

                                                        Working together is success


This workshop is  designed for one team and their leader to attend


Ideally the team should be no bigger than 15

The purpose of these two days is to discover strategies to enhance communication, acceptance, performance synergy and general workplace happiness.  We learn to unlock new ways to collaborate and support within your own unique team structure and culture.  We also learn strategies to use when teamwork isn’t working well


This workshop can really challenge participants to see other perspectives.  They will  learn skills to negotiate and get along without having to actually like everyone - all the time.


It can be a time to voice opinions and clear the air, with sensible adult ground rules agreed and in place

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • types of teams and leaders

  • stages of a team

  • diverse personalities and learning styles

  • team dynamics and culture

  • finding that common ground

  • 5 P's:   Prisoner - Protestor - Passenger, - Participant - Passive/aggressive

  • SWOT analysis

  • Roles within a team

  • SMARTR Action Plan

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