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Customer Service


 with an Edge

'Customers are smarter than ever and are looking for more value

- more than just customer service. 

                            They want a great customer experience'

                                                                                             -Shep Hyken



This one day  workshop will be customised to the style and requirements of your business. It is guaranteed to give your staff an edge on customer service. 


It is perfect for those who are in front line customer service - either face to face or telephone


It's all about first impressions and engaging the customer.  Participants will discover how to identifyt EXACTLY what customers need or want and then delight them in making this happen

​ An A4 colour workbook is provided for each participant

Key Learning outcomes:


  • providing service vs an ‘experience’

  • refining customer service excellence (that WOW factor)

  • statistical data - why customers stay, leave & what they want

  • Mehrabian communication proportions

  • strategies for difficult customers and how to keep calm yourself

  • positive dialogue & phrases

  • critical components (without being robots)

  • problem resolution - what if I don't know?

  • SMARTR objectives (setting our own going forward)

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