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Leading Teams

         4 Success


A leader is one who knows the way,  goes the way and shows the way"

John C Maxwell

This two day workshop is designed for People Leaders (and aspiring). It can be fully customised for your business to achieve the results you require.


Participants are challenged to analyse the traits of a successful leader.  They will learn to identify their own strengths and areas for improvement.  We will then lock these in with a SMARTR plan detailing exactly what, how and when development will happen.


We then move on to analysing  teams in relation to performance and effort of each team member.   Attitudes, abilities, personalities and working style of each individual staff member are discussed and we determining ways to work with each person to optimise results.

​Participants take away their SMART Action Plan to work on.  To achieve successful, sustainable change, it is recommended that each participant's manager supports and helps drive these goals back in the workplace.

Alternatively Assess 4 Success can offer this additional service by arrangement.

​An A4 colour workbook is provided for each participant

​Key Learning Outcomes :

  • principles of leadership vs coaching

  • performance evidence and feedback

  • VARK & diverse personalities

  • measuring staff performance & behaviours

  • celebrating and locking in strengths

  • 360° degree feedback

  • optimising team dynamics

  • different leadership styles (including multipliers vs diminishers)

  • roadblocks & solutions

  • SMARTR Action Plan

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