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Coaching staff

               for Success

Instead of telling & teaching

                              ask, watch & listen

                                        guide your staff to learn, understand & develop

                                                                     using methods that work for them



This one day workshop is for People Leaders (including aspiring) and Subject Matter Experts.  It is highly interactive with a lot of practise using scenarios designed to fit your work environment.


Participants learn how to conduct meaningful, and fact-based discussions with individuals and their team around performance and behaviours, run successfully interactive meetings, answer questions, solve problems and make sound decisions.  We demonstrate sample dialogues that are neutral, consistent and fair.   

Coaching encourages positive conversations driven by the staff rather than the leader and acknowledges and celebrates successes, not just 'work-ons'.


All participants leave this workshop being able to coach staff competently, either in scheduled sessions or in real time (on the spot).

A coloured A4 workbook is provided for each person who attends.


There is also an additional option for NZQA unit standard assessment to 7114, Coach Adult Learners, level 5, 8 credits


Key Learning outcomes:

  • coaching theory/purpose                                          

  • the process

  • questioning techniques (& VARK)

  • getting the environment right before roll-out

  • roadblocks and solutions

  • practice and feedback

  • individual SMARTR Action Plans

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