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Pegasus Health invited Wendy Hooper to speak at our annual education forum for General Practice Managers and Administrators on the topic of understanding our own and other’s personality types.  Wendy’s light-hearted take on the different personality types was both entertaining and informative and she gave practical strategies for the audience to take away and work on.  Wendy tailored her presentation to meet our audience’s needs and I would happily recommend her as a speaker for other similar forums.

Leigh Aston - Coordination Team Leader
Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd

During October 2018 I completed Unit standard 4098 with Assess 4 Success.

I found Wendy to be very professional and helpful throughout this process.

During each stage of contact her communication was timely and clear which gave me confidence in completing this standard.

Feedback was constructive and precise and Wendy's approach made me feel at ease during the assessment.

Thank you for your support Wendy.

Tim Hartnell - Programme Manager

Proactive Drive


Wendy factored the different learning styles as she facilitated, making it easier for the group to work together, Her use of real life stories, humour and fun activities made the workshop fun and engaging and she had a way of encouraging people to participate comfortably.


Lyndsay Paniora - Service Industry Trainer

Tree House, Christchurch


Wendy’s coaching course provided me valuable information and skills to understand and meet the coaching needs of my team.  Since partaking in this course I’ve had success back in the team, asking better questions and achieving results with my team.  I’ve used the skills I’ve learned to tailor my coaching experiences to the individuals in my team, and to create a unique coaching experience for each person I coach based on what they need.

Mitchell Wrigley - Energy Centre Project Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Meridian Energy

Wendy gave a very well presented and knowledgeable workshop which was specific to our needs.  Everyone took something away with them and I have observed team members implementing phrases and strategies taken from the workshop

  • Definitely made a huge impact on me, actually validated just how important my role is to lead by example and make sure every customer is a returning one 

  • A very knowledgeable and well-presented workshop specific to our needs

  • Just a huge thanks to Wendy for the advice and the workshop, it’s an important lesson I will carry on in my life

  • very confident that Wendy knows her stuff and it was well presented in a variety of ways.


Wendy Westwood - Customer Care Manager

Smiths City Group (Southern) Limited


I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the workshop you facilitated last night.  Everyone was still buzzing and talking about it this morning. The references are flying around the office :)

Wendy Westwood - Customer Care Manager

Smiths City Group (Southern) Limited

Our initial meeting with you Wendy at an ETITO forum was timely for our Contact Centre.  Assess 4 Success was certainly the right module for our staff taking up leadership roles in our Contact Centre.  Smiths City took the opportunity to be able to host Assess 4 Success workshop.  Results have been very encouraging for both staff members and certainly the growth in 'backing themselves' is obvious.  We are very excited about developing other staff by engaging in future Assess 4 Success workshops.

Kay Craggs - Special Projects Manager

Smiths City Group Limited

Just sending an update on how my adventure has been going and some fantastic results we have seen with Farmside since our sessions with yourself and Marina - thought you may be interested!  The Farmside Sales Team won their section at this year’s CRM awards (Telecommunication Section, Under 50 seats)!!!!

We have been runner up to Telecom Business for a number of years until this year.  When we put into place our values and coaching with the team late last year, our goal was to win this year’s award - and our team did it!  I believe this success is mainly due to Nikki's call coaching that we started after our training and coaching sessions with yourself and Marina.  VERY exciting News!

 Kirsty Taylor -  Call Centre Manager

 Farmside Limited

To prepare my team to facilitate best practice coaching methods; I engaged Wendy to help me. With Wendy's support and guidance my team successfully completed their leadership coaching accreditation last year.  Recently, my team won The Meridian Sales & Service 'Top Team' of the year.  I can honestly say that Wendy's exceptional coaching and mentoring support helped us to raise the bar to win this award.  Wendy has continued to work with us, we are passionate about what we do, and we value working alongside like- minded people.

I find Wendy to be extremely professional, she has amazing energy and perseverance. My team and I always look forward to working with her.

Fleur Evans - Continuous Improvement Manager
Meridian Energy


I have been through many assessments in my life, not always positive.  These experiences have shaped my education and career and it is only now I realise why.  Wendy provided me with my first really positive assessment experience.  She made the process easy by providing direction and encouragement throughout the assessment.  This has allowed me to discover my passion for coaching and development and I hope that many others get the opportunity to experience Wendy's fantastic techniques.

Rachael Lacy - Team Manager
Meridian Energy


We (FMG), partnered with Wendy, to gain her assistance in completing a National Certificate Qualification for a number of our employees. Wendy surpassed any expectations I had; her support to our employees was outstanding and went well beyond what I expected.  She kept in close contact with them - keeping them motivated and answered their questions quickly and thoroughly. I can say with certainty, that without Wendy's' support, assistance and commitment a number of our employees would not have made it through.  Now, Wendy managed this through the September and February quakes - truly amazing.  An inspiration to us all!

Rachel Wells - Manager, Organisational Development
Farmers Mutual Group (Christchurch, Wellington, Palmerston North)


Farmside enlisted the services of Assess for Success to prepare and guide members of our staff through the National Certificate of Business. Wendy’s vast experience and knowledge of the call centre industry meant we had an excellent resource to clarify what was needed for our assessments as well as an added bonus of gaining practical ideas to use within our call centre.  We have been able to implement a very successful call coaching programme with Wendy’s assistance and on-going support.

Kirsty Taylor - Call Centre Manager
Farmside Limited

NOTE - verbal references available on request from NZ Fire Communication Centres

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